About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is, and will always be, to make top quality hair care affordable for everyone.

Built on the premise of disrupting the traditional way of doing business in the hair care industry, Dollar Curl Club hopes to become the “go-to” brand you’ve been looking for; a brand that provides an affordable, fun and simple shopping experience for all.

Our Model

We bypass traditional distribution channels and implement a direct-to-consumer approach. By cutting out the middlemen, retail markups, and the high cost of getting into retail stores, we are able to offer better products, better pricing, and an overall better experience.

Our Founder

"We created Dollar Curl Club for the simple fact that there is a lack of AFFORDABLE HIGH QUALITY hair care products that are available in the marketplace for women with naturally curly/kinky hair.

Drugstore brands offer affordable options, however, they all lack the quality ingredients needed for your curls to truly flourish. Then there are the premium quality brands that have the right ingredients to give your curls the moisture and definition they truly deserve; however, those all come at a premium price ($20 for a bottle of shampoo just sounds crazy to us). 

There wasn’t an option that truly combined the same quality as the premium brands, with the affordable prices of the generic drugstore brands, so we started Dollar Curl Club to provide that alternative."

~Harold Stewart, Founder & CEO

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